Food Stories at Taj Mahal Tea House 

An old colonial bungalow turned into prettiest café there can be! Warm, cozy, Indian inspired vintage décor & beautiful aroma of tea lingering in the air. That’s Taj Mahal Tea House for you!

I’m so glad that my next workshop on Food Photography by Photo Konnect is happening here! Prime reason being the beautiful interiors and very good looking food <3

First about the workshop – If you are really serious about making your food pictures look great on your blog or just your Instagram, you must sign up for our Food Photography Workshop where one of my fav photographers – Recent winner on National Geographic Cover Shot Season 4 will be teaching the basics and some of the advanced skills that you need to know for photographing food.  I’m going to share my tips & tricks of food styling plus my treasure of props and backgrounds that can make or break the picture. We’ll cover all this and more –

– How to craft your food stories

– How to use natural light

– Working with props from kitchen

– Plating of different kinds of cuisine

– Garnishing the right way

– Artificial and real styling food option

– Creating a mood for your images

– Styling for the camera

– Practical shooting of liquids
For more details, check out the event page on facebook.
While I have already given you the most exciting reason to come to Taj Mahal Tea house, I must tell you why this place is becoming my new favorite place to hang out:

Each corner is so Instgrammable! There in the reflection of that beautiful mirror you can spot Mulchand, my friend and man behind Photo Konnect.

With the beautiful selection of teas, they are totally living upto their name! I loved the whole theatrics of Brewing the Oolong Tea in which the leaves open up after 3 min of brewing.

If you don’t understand much about teas like me then they can also help you with a brief tea appreciating tastings. By the end of which you’d be able to tell difference between aromas, blends, hue, liquor or body of the tea. You’d be able to talk about right brewing temperature and brewing time as well. 

Here’s my beautiful tea shots with tea leaves before & after brewing.

Also, I must mention my love for Kashmiri Kahwa and maybe I have found a way to teleport myself to a shikara in Kashmir while sitting here in Bombay. Just the right amount of saffron not too overpowering and that bite of almond flakes gives something extra. I added little honey to mine. Totally recommended!
While Teas are their strength they haven’t forgotten food! The menu has a good mix of breakfast egg dishes, light nibbles, sandwiches & wraps, salads, mains and desserts. 
I tried the Malai Paneer Salad with apples, crispy idli, baby spinach with kasundi cream on top. So refreshing & crunchy. The only thing I’d change about the salad is remove the oats cookie crumble and replace that with a saltier element like a goat cheese or feta to cut down the sweetness of the salad overall.

The Falafel Chaat with tamarind tulsi foam would remind you why anything in chaat form is just best! Sweet, sour, mild spices and just the way chaat should be. 
Also must try is the Tortellini. I chose the one from their winter menu. Delicate Vegetable Tortellini with a spicy coulis with stuffing of red amaranth, aubergine & paneer was just spot on! Comforting & filling.

Also worth the mention are the Sabudana Vada or doughnut as they call it and the tea infused risotto with dry fruits and grilled veggies on top. 

I didn’t get a chance to eat the desserts but you know what on 25th in our food photography workshop I’m going to attempt styling a vintage style desserts and tea platter so there’s always a chance that I will have to eat a bite or two to make the picture look perfect (You know what I’m saying ;))

See you on 25th at Taj Mahal Tea House!