Blog Birthday Week! So much love <3

Wow! This last week. Just wow! I had the most tiring, most chaotic and yet most awesome and exciting week. You know my blog has turned five. This is a quick flashback post & an opportunity to tell you about much more awesomeness that’s planned in life ahead!!

Wednesday, 20th April I attended this really awesome play by my friend Rohit (Theatrewaalas) called OCD at Prithvi Theatre. I have not laughed and cried so much in long time. Do check them out. Post the play, we went to Blue Frog for ArtistAloud Music Awards and the most amazing thing happened.  I met Rabbi Shergill <3 He sang for some time on stage and totally killed it!! But I don’t know if it was alcohol or just my love for him, I went up to him later and talked to him. While everyone was trying to take a picture with him, I spoke to him for few minutes and just soaked it all in. I told him how big a fan I am of his and how his song ‘Bilqis’ had changed something in me. I don’t have a picture with him and it doesn’t matter :’)

Thursday, 21st: Blog’s Birthday! I went to Star Anise for a dessert breakfast and it was a pleasure to meet Chef Anees there. I’m glad I get to meet so many inspiring people because of my work :’) Read about my experience here.


In the evening, I cooked for some really close friends and family. I made dishes which have played an important role in my last five years journey. Feta Shrooms, which was the first recipe I ever taught in a cookshop. Old Monk Chicken which was my first successful experiment with cooking with alcohol. Lemon Pepper Chicken, which was the first thing I ever blogged about in one my many attempted blogs some 8 years back and first thing I had cooked for Vicky before marriage.

house party


And we also had some Sangrias, Pineapple Salsa, Spicy Bean dip,Yogurt dip, Patatas Bravas, Chettinad Prawns Cocktail and a giant tapeli full of Gosht Biryani that I ordered with another home chef friend, Sama. Check her HungryBunny kitchen here.

Big love to each one who came on short notice and Addie, who helped me with cooking all evening <3

Friday 22nd: I woke up after 2-3 hours of sleep (Late night Party :/) And had to pack insane amount of bacon jam, butter and Caramel orders because josh josh mein I had announced 50% off on Pantry products and we had overwhelming response!! I was cooking and packing jars and labeling till afternoon! Phew! That evening I had super amazing workshop at Boveda Bistro, first time an open house one and I was glad to see so many new and few old people who have been there for 1st ever workshop here in Bombay as well. Kanchan, thank you for the beautiful chocolate fudge and Sneha, your sponge cake is literally so good! (She wants Obama to try her cake once and I really will pray you’re your wish shall become true! Thank you Chinsi, for getting your homebrewed beer :D

boveda bistro workshop

Saturday 23rd: Day two of insane amount of orders went out! While I was slipping into fever because of exertion, I had another class to host so I left for APB Cook studio and what an amazing salads class it was. Thank you Sam for sharing the pictures.  I had a amazing dinner meal at Mia Cucina with friends and then came home.

My artistic three msuhroom salad <3
Fresh turmeric couscous salad <3
Fresh turmeric couscous salad <3

Sunday, 24th: 8 am I started packing my crockery and other props for the photography workshop ahead! I got to learn so much from Riddhi and had a chance to share about food styling with the attendees as well.

food photography class
At the workshop
Splash shot
Getting Splash right
Whites and Yellow <3
Cupcakes. flowers. love

It went really smooth that’s when Mulchand, Photo Konnect and I decided about..wait for it.. a full fledged ‘Food Styling Workshop’ and It would be totally a practical class! ‘DIY: Food Styling’

We are figuring out the venue for it but the date is final: 22nd May, Sunday. If you wish to register, check out all the details for the course here.

Monday, 25th: I’m attempting to upload my first video on my brand new youtube channel ‘Amrita Of Life’ but some technical problem is happening so I’m gonna take a break. Breathe little more and will share the video maybe tomorrow <3

I am resharing my sentiments about the last five year journey, if you follow me on instagram, you might have already read it, but for rest of you:

Big thank you to each one of you who have been part of this journey. After having sold more than 200 kilo of Omg bacon jam, having done more than 100 cookshops, having done an insane amount of brilliant/disaster experiments in my kitchen, I feel this is still a beginning. I’m learning every single moment  <3

So many amazing things have happened in last five years, it’s difficult for me to think what was really the highlight of my career in food. Was it the Bacon Jam getting its adjective OMG? or Celebrities asking me to come and teach them personally? Or when I got to food style an entire book? Or when I got featured on so many food shows on TV? Or the moment when this kid at kherwadi school recently told me that he wants to add the dish I taught him to his father’s sev Puri stall because he loved it so much? Or just this moment now where I’m feeling immense gratitude for what I have received in life. Thank you again, each one of you ❤