A Sweet Celebration. My experience at Star Anise Patisserie, Bandra

For all these years I kept saying I am not much of a dessert person. Well, I’m still not. I don’t get excited to see nutella smeared brownies or loaded cupcakes like girls do! But once in a while, I do want to eat something sweet, fresh and something comforting. I have been regularly ordering cakes/cookies etc from my home baker friends. Especially, the Chocolate Chip cookies with Ruchika, House of Cookies and Carrot Cake with Anurita, Eighth. I bake once in a while but that’s mostly for close friends and family.

You know past weekend was all about celebrating blog’s birthday. I recently received a call from Pooja, nuvofoodies who’s helping Chef Anees of Star Anise Patisserie with connecting with bloggers and she invited me for a small blog’s birthday celebration with them.

I had a really nice and fresh calzone with pesto chicken filling to start with. And moved to Mango chia Seed Panacotta that was layered in a glass. I liked the whole texture play in there, super creamy panacotta, not too sweet, mangoes were really fresh (hate when people use syrups in desserts) and that soft yet crunchy chia gave a good break in between. I will totally go back for that.

desserts at star anise
L to R: dessert counter; Mango chia seed Panacotta, Lemon tart (which I couldn’t taste because I was full) and Pesto chicken Calzone
desserts and coffee at star anise
L to R: Mille fieulle; The divine flourless chocolate cake

Honestly, I was overwhelmed with whole blog’s birthday emotions and so I couldn’t try many things on the menu but I had great time talking to Chef Anees. He’s well traveled, he knows his desserts so well & moreover he is always learning more and more. Being in industry for all these years, he has worked with best of the hotels patisseries around the world and he strongly believes in using quality ingredients. He has promised me that he’ll make me try some of the native Orissa dishes what he has grown up eating there. I shall  look forward to that. I’m just glad I could meet him and learn quite few things from him.

With Chef Anees

The flourless chocolate deserves a special mention! Two bites into it and it hugged me right back. I ordered for a coffee to have with it. They have great selection of jams, My favorite is Watermelon, green apple and rosemary & Mango-Kaffir Lime. I received an amazing box of goodies from the chef with those jams in there as well. I’m going to use them soon in some recipes and will share soon. I did try the multi grain baguette in making couple of crostinis, it was really good.

In my goodie bag, which I don’t have a picture of :( I received the most amazing mango tart! I and husband finished it in seconds! It’s so festive and summery. Beautiful!

While I was already so high with celebrations, I didn’t mind some more sugar high. Here’s me channeling my inner fashion blogger! ;) How do you like my new specs?