Recipe (Video): Winter Greens Salad + Ayurveda concept

From the last time I wrote something here, life has comeplety changed ❤️

After a beautiful one month Ayurveda Nutrition course in Kerala I have successfully been living my life basing on Ayurveda principles which includes mindful living, eating fresh, local and seasonal food and just being aware about my body type and eating as per that. Hope you have checked out my brand new Ayurveda YouTube Channel. I posted a fun recipe that’s my take on traditional Makke Do Roti and Sarso Ka Saag. I made something much lighter and simpler using the same ingredients – Makke De Crackers and Sarso Ka Salad! It turned out pretty good Check out the recipe here:

I want to share little more about all the six tastes –

शद रस (Six tastes)

As per Ayurveda, each meal should have all the six tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter & Astringent.

Sweet or मधुर: provides strength & stability to our body. It has very pleasant & gratifying effect on us. iIcreases cheerfulness, love & compassion but EXCESS can lead to greed and attachment & can aggravate Kapha Dosha hence causes obesity. 

Found in most fruits, honey, sugarcane, grains, milk, dates etc

Sour or अम्ल: Increases digestive fire. It is very sharp hence make our mind alert & attentive. 

EXCESS can cause hyperacidity, excess thirst & skin rashes.

Found in all citrus fruits – lemon, oranges etc, gooseberries & fermented products like yogurt, buttermilk, vinegar etc

Salty or लवण: it enhances taste of the food, helps in salivation hence digestion. Also maintains blood pressure by maintaining electrolytes in body. it generates interest and enthusiasm and hence can be addictive. EXCESS can cause water retention leading to swellings, high BP, premature greying of hair, balding, wrinkles & inflammatory diseases.

Found in Sea salt, rock salt, most packaged foods.

Pungent or कटु: it improves digestion, circulation and helps in clearing channels. It is sharp and hence makes our mind alert and brings clarity in perception. EXCESS can cause too much heat in body and hence hyperacidity, skin related problems, diarrhea, ulcers & insomnia. 

Found in all chillies and peppers, onion, garlic, spices etc

Bitter or तीक्त: produces unpleasant taste in mouth but very important to include in meals as helps in building appetite, cleanse out body of any toxins or worms. Reduces skin diseases and gives firmness to skin and muscles. EXCESS can cause loss of strength & energy.

Found in bitter vegetables like fenugreek, bitter gourds, Neem etc

Astringent or कषाय: it causes drying sensation in mouth on consumption. Regulates stools, helps in water absorption & has antiinflammatory properties. Helps our mind to become organized. EXCESS can cause insomnia, anxiety or depression, too much drying action can cause difficulty in speaking. 

Found in most vegetables, raw Bananas, pomegranate, chickpeas etc

I’ll be sharing more recipes and much more about Ayurveda in coming videos. Do subscribe to my channel ❤️

If you are still wondering what made me make this choice for myself, first vegetarian and then adopting Ayurveda lifestyle here’s something I shared few weeks ago on my Instagram. Reposting here if you missed it- 
Here’s my story – I grew up in Indore, a small town where life was much simpler. Eating out happened only when it was someone’s birthday in the family. I belonged to the generation who never questioned food that was made at home! What mumma – chachis made we had to eat it or had to stay hungry. When I grew up and stayed in Delhi and later in Bombay I had endless food and overall lifestyle choices. My heart knows and my body tells me I did make some wrong choices. Last eight years of not eating timely, eating too less or too much, not sleeping at all or sleeping too much and just a lack of rhythm in life made me this person who I didn’t respect anymore! I didn’t have any major illnesses, my work grew and gave me all the money and recognition I needed but small small health issues always cropped up and brought quite unwanted drama in life. With always being surrounded by food in workshops, shoots and restaurants I almost had food aversions and I skipped meals that’s the major reason I gained weight. Not eating when I was hungry but only when I was in mood to eat, only when I socialized or only cuz I didn’t have anything else to do!!! I knew I had to correct my lifestyle and also had to figure out a way where I helped the environment instead of adding crap to it. About six months back, I started taking charge. 

I did realize that there’s only this one life and I have one chance to make it great again. 

To respect my life again I made some drastic food choices. People around me still don’t believe I don’t make bacon jam anymore and I have turned vegetarian and now I follow Ayurveda. I avoid processed & packaged food as much as I can. I’m going off plastic slowly and I’m trying to contribute in my own little ways to keep the mother earth safe for our future ❤️. It took me eighth years to fuck up my health and it’s gonna take some time to get back to good health but I will. Just because I want to ❤️

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