Brunch with Tom & Jerry – Courtyard Marriott 

While growing up, Mumma had her ways to make me eat my food. One of them was to put something nice on TV and so while being distracted I would eat whatever I was asked to. Which now I’m coming to terms is the horrible habit I have and I’m struggling to change it. But back then, I loved only few things on TV and one of them was watching Tom and Jerry on the Cartoon Network! So when I got an invite to try out lunch that was inspired by my fav show, I happily accepted the invite and went to Courtyard Marriott last Sunday for the brunch with the husband who’s equally big fan of the Cartoon. 

Love that Chefs have put a lot of thought and creativity in the menu to really make it fun. At the same time, taste was just great as well. As expected, here were lot of kids with their parents at the brunch who happily ate their food while being enegaged in fun games that the hotel had arranged for them. 

Flubber, the happiest person at the Cafe Mono just made my day ❤ Today they again have Tom and Jerry themw nad next two weeks would be HarryPotter. do try out! Here are some pictures from my brunch 

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