Why have I turned vegetarian?/ How can you still get my #OMGBaconJam?

There are two questions, that I’m trying to answer here. It all started a year back, I decided to start traveling for food and I visited Bali and learnt authentic Balinese cuisine in middle of a farm. In following months, I went to Lucknow specially for chaat and kebabs, Ahemadabad for the street food, Sikkim for authentic organic fare, Chennai for farm fresh food, Amritsar for real Punjabi deal, revisited by lanes of Old Delhi, Bangalore for the south Indian and modern fare, Kolkata for it’s Hilsa, Sondesh, Rolls and Biryani, Nagaland for insane amount of meats and then did a short street food- Biryani-kebabs trail in Hyderabad. I met real people doing real thing. Making non pretentious, simple, local food with so much soul. And, then the most amazing travel scene happened on my birthday in June to Spiti Valley. Spiti changed something in me. It made me listen to my inner voice. And I took two decisions. It took me forever to convince my heart for them. It took me longer to convey to close people about my decisions. Moreover, it took a hell lot of courage and conviction to execute those decisions. First decision was to turn vegetarian which I’m extremely happy about. I have fallen in love with food all over again. The joy that green leafys are bringing in my life is unexplainable. I have been on the other side (read: extreme side) where I have pitied vegetarian friends for being stuck with paneer options while going out or have teased them with ‘you don’t know what you are missing out on!’ and I’m getting that right back!

I have always loved my tikkas, kebabs, biryanis, roasts and of course, bacon! But seriously, I’m feeling good about this. In past, I have very stupidly casually debated with friends about whole eco cycle and food chain and all these animals are reared for human consumption and shit! I haven’t even watched any of those ‘OMG see how animals are mistreated and look how they skin them etc etc for your eating!’ I have friends who have watched such stuff and have been put off by it. But I know the shit is real! Our eating habits, our lifestyle, our selfishness is ruining our future!  I do read about industry’s malpractices to produce and procure meats to meet huge demands. I am aware of the harm being done to the environment and I don’t want to ignore anymore! I don’t want to be okay with the chemicals with which my meat is getting meatier and surely don’t want to be okay with the pollution, food shortage and damage that’s happening to the environment we live in! I am sorry that I picked taste over sensitivity and logic all my life.

Vegetarianism is not only great for environment, but light on pocket and good for health. This decision is not an overnight one but months and months of realization that somehow along the way, we stopped eating food for what it was meant for. We forgot the purpose of eating food. It meant to nourish us and I.. kind of forgot it. I ate my food for the taste. I ate my food for social media. I ate my food for entertainment. I even ate my food because I had nothing else to do! I have turned to vegetables and fruits and grains and pulses for the nourishment. And I’m in a happy space. So much for my luck, since the time I have turned vegetarian (28 days), I have had three workshops where people learnt chicken/fish dishes from me and I managed it all beautifully without tasting it even once! For food enthusiasts and for my family I’ll continue to make non vegetarian food. But will I eat it when my supposedly 40 days vow gets over? I don’t think so. Will I eat it when I have to travel and explore food? Maybe. Will I fret if my food was cooked in same pan as non vegetarians? Of course, not! I’ll happily pick all the ‘sides’ goodness from husband’s roast plate because I have always been doing that. Dharm nahi brasht hoga mera yaha! So it’s all cool. I’m going to explore vegetarian food in regional kitchens, on streets and in my own Life Ki Recipe Kitchen.

Additionally, I’m also breaking up with the habit of watching tv/or doing something while eating. I’m going to embrace and be grateful for each and every meal that I’ll be eating for rest of my life. I’m going to avoid packaged foods as much as possible. Because it has turned out that the chips packet that I was addicted to, not only gave me empty calories but, also aren’t recyclable. While I can conveniently write a nice status on Deonar Dumping ground story on my social media, I have to admit that I am a contributor to that shit! I’m going to undo few things that I can. I’m going to choose the right path here on.  Also, ‘Food miles’ is what I have been reading about and I’ll surely make attempts to eat local and seasonal food as possible and reduce my consumption of food with higher food miles.

As per second decision is concerned, It’s a tough one but hey! one has to do what the heart says! It’s been amazing three and a half year for my #OMGBaconJam and it’s time to say goodbye to it! I am forever grateful to each and every person who has ever bought a jar from me and has supported me in my journey.

OMg bacon jam

As a Buddhist practitioner, I try to do work with these three values: Beauty (The work you like), Benefit (the money that it pays you) and Good (the good that you do to society with it) and this decision of turning vegetarian and selling Bacon Jam is super contradictory, I’m struggling to match up these values. So it’s time to shut the blog shop till I figure out my special all vegetarian menu.


I am not taking anymore orders for the Bacon Jam. I’Ll keep you posted when my new all vegetarian menu comes out :)

I’ll be taking orders only for next ten days till Sunday, 31st July. And will wrap up all the deliveries and shut shop completely by the 5th-6th August weekend.

Deliveries: I had partnered with Yummade.in for all my orders and deliveries but they are no longer running their operations hence the orders for next two weeks will require your understanding and cooperation.

->  Either you can arrange pick up of your order from my home kitchen in Versova or from my friend’s place in Bandra w.

–> Or opt for local delivery services like Russsh or just deliveries who can deliver at your doorstep and at your convenience at an extra cost (varies from Rs150-Rs 250) depending on location.

–> I’m happy to deliver it myself if you are in my vicinity – Andheri W/Juhu etc.

It takes me 15-16 hours to make one batch of Bacon Jam (slow cooking for the win!). I’ll be making your order fresh and it’ll be ready to be delivered within three days of your ordering. The product stays great for a month refrigerated so you can enjoy it slow and happily.  To place your final order, go here – BUY OMG BACON JAM #TheLastJars Once I receive your payment here, I’ll get instant notification and I’ll coordinate with you for the delivery time, place and date.

Should you have any other question regarding your order, write to me on lifekirecipe@gmail.com

About the Old Monk Caramel and Bacon Butter, I am sorry I won’t be able to take those orders for now. The caramel will feature in my new veg menu soon for sure! I promise.

For people who are superbly judging my decision and giving me shit like ‘Aww you turned vegetarian? too bad!’ thank you for saying so, at least I know what else/whom do I have to part ways with as well. Oh! and the concern you show for my Bacon tattoo, don’t worry about it, I’m proudly going to wear it, Because that will remind me forever of the most amazing thing I created in my kitchen and made my winning game! For errrraaaabady else,* BIG HUG*

So much love,

Amrita <3


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