Junior MasterChef – India (Contact for Auditions) (Updated)


Last night sitting in front of the TV I was biting my nails to know who will win Austraila Junior MasterChef Title and Isabella did it :D You may already know that we, Indians are watching this very late as it actually premiered in 2010 and I chose not to Google or Wiki the results :P 

I also came across this old article about Jack and Isabella’s life after Junior Masterchef , But after watching the whole series, a question rose in my mind – Can our Indian kids do something like that? Such incredible cooking and explore their culinary skills to max? Well that scene isn’t too far-fetched because The kickass news is that the Junior Masterchef for India is going to happen soon and if you know anyone who’s between 8 to 13 yrs of age… and has a knack for cooking then pls send him/her for an audition….

Contact for participation – Ankur Mittal at 09425311856 or email at – ankurmittal05@gmail.com

(Pls share this as much as possible, talented kids should not miss out this opportunity)

When I saw the first episode of Junior Masterchef Australia my first thought was – Why did I waste my childhood studying :P And the feeling grew stronger with every episode so Pls if you know some kid who can do it pls send him/her for an audition :)

Happy Masterchefing :)

update: This post was published on Jun 14th. Auditions were taken countrywide and pilot shows (samples) were made but production didnt get great content. So the show is not seeing any light any soon. For Masterchef Season 3 auditions Check here. 

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86 thoughts on “Junior MasterChef – India (Contact for Auditions) (Updated)

  1. Hi I am ishani and i m 13 years old n i love cooking.
    Cooking is my passion thanxxx for dis great newss!!!!!!

  2. I’m 11 years old and love cooking, When/Where are the auditions going to start.
    I would love to join.

  3. I was waiting for this news ever since i saw the Australian version. I am mad about cooking ! I just turned 13 on 18th June 2012. Please may i be considered ?

  4. hi i am 13 years old &love to be the part of masterchef india junior so pls need the full information to participate

  5. Thank you all for the amazing response, thanks a lot amrita for the support.
    the registrations are still on.
    let the calls coming.
    thank you once again.

    Ankur Mittal

    • Hey Ankur, Yes after I spoke to you on phone the other day I thought wil share it with everyone.. I can see kids are so excited to be a part of this show.. :)

  6. Hi i am divij pls gv me ur details im justt 12 and i love cooking i can make any thing out of anything just give me 1 chance im sure i will truly become India’s 1st Junior Master-chef

  7. hi ankur nd amrita m ashima from chd…nd m soo glad fr the auditions i thnk i would win it …..yippe hold on guyz m coming

  8. hi my name is amisha i m 12 years old, as many children i love cooking & i also dream to be the junior masterchef india

  9. Hey..
    I am very happy to read this Great news..
    I already mailed ankur for all my queries, Just waiting for his reply.

  10. HI i m midhi jain frm imphal manipur and i m 15 yrs old and i also want to join to junior masterchef bcoz i love cooking and cooking makes me happy so tell me abt the kolkata aur guwhati auditions plzz

  11. Thank you once again Amrita & all those who participated, & apologies to those who want to participate, as the registrations are now close.
    those who got the call, congratulations to them.
    and those who didn’t better luck next time.
    thank you.

  12. Hi my name is khushi i really love cooking and i have sent an email for the entrance and i would love to come.

  13. Hi,
    i am nimish and i love to cook and serve food .
    could you tell me when and where will be the audition ?
    i wanted to know about that ,
    are the auditions closed?

  14. hello……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sir & hiiiiiiiiii………………! my name is Parvez saifi
    i love cooking & i also dream to be the junior masterchef india!
    my mobile no 92899959346
    New Delhi Chhattar Pur Mandir Pin no 110074

  15. Hi!im muskaan n i love cooking it is my dream and my passion plzz send me all the details asap as i really love cooking

  16. i m really very fond of cooking since i was 9 years old.
    i kept watching junior master chef australia but everytime i kept thinking why there is no master chef india while it is for above 18 yrs .so just waiting for junior master chef india
    please make it soon when will it get started

  17. I totally love cooking. It is my passion. When are the auditions?And where? I was waiting a lot for this. Please reply soon.

  18. IS there a re audition 2 be held bcause i already 13 and i dont want 2 miss d gr8 opportunity………
    FOOD is my LIFE and my PASSION

  19. Is there an to be held again? Please I have missed auditions if any have been held and I don’t wanna miss this oppurtunity.

  20. Is there an audition to be held again? Please I have missed auditions if any have already been held and I don’t wanna miss this oppurtunity. I have sent an e-mail to Ankur but there is still no reply.

  21. hey!!! i love to join this but “ankur” is saying that auditions had been closed…bt..i really wanaa go coz im 13 now pls pls pls pls help…..wat to do :( :(

  22. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    I am a big fan of masterchef and its finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope i can win the tittle

  23. i am 14, i am very keen in cooking and have won many prizes. I wanna join in this contest but the age limit is 13 :( Is there any chance of my age children to join the contest? I have been preparing for this contest for a long time.. but now i am very unhappy because of the age limit. Can you sort this out? :)

  24. plz tell me that junior masterchef was held last year or not??
    and is it going to held this year(2013)

    if its really going to be conducted pllz inform me on my email id becoz “cooking is my life”

    i m 14 yrs and crazy abt cooking and turning 15 in august..

    waiting for reply …:)

  25. i have interest in cooking..seeing Jr. mc Australia i was inspired was waiting for his plz contact me for auditions..

  26. I am Enoch Somana, 14 yrs old.
    I am so happy to here that Master chef Juniors is coming to India. I would like to know the details of its auditions

  27. i am tarini 11 years old i love cooking
    i want to show that i can cook
    i am so happy i can cook deserts and cakes and other stuff i request to send the details of the audition

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